Barbara Michna - Owner, operator. Dedicated to your health and wellness for 12 years.  Owner, operator of Get Pampered Salon and Spa - we wanted to add more services to make you feel good inside and out.  I am the instructor for Pole Fitness, Kettlebell HIIT cardio and  am a Certified Personal Trainer.  I am dedicated to the health and well being of all my clients and am passionate about fitness.


Why a workout buddy can help keep you on track!......They make you accountable.  Make 2022 a buddy and you!  Semi Personal training for you and a friend.  3 classes per week $60.00 for 2.

Kettle Bell Cardio - Barb


Originating in Russia, a kettlebell is a centuries-old training tool that looks like a cannon ball with a handle. It is thought that the original kettlebells were actually counter-weights used in Russian markets. Country folk started testing their strength with them and eventually they became very popular in Russia as a training method, and still are to this day. A Russian strong man is referred to as a "Girevik" which translates to "Kettlebell Man". Girya is Russian for Kettlebell.

Kettlebell training is different than other forms of weight training because many parts of the body are exercised simultaneously, and in addition kettlebell training elevates the heart rate for effective cardiovascular training.

            POLE FITNESS - BARB

Pole as Fitness is the perfect workout! This workout is for women and men of all ages, shapes and sizes. Don’t think you will be the only one "like you" in the class. People from all walks of life practice this type of fitness and have fun doing it. If you try it once, you will be hooked.

It is the ultimate workout for the modern day woman or man and distinguishes itself by combining both cardio and strength training in one fun workout. You will be amazed to learn how many muscles you need to use during this workout and how quickly you will master this art. It is a complete workout that will leave you feeling accomplished after each class.


Hula fit

Hula fit is a bar inspired low to no impact class suitable for all fitness levels

Tuesdays 6pm starting Jan 4th 2022